Author of the Quest for Shambhala series
Author of the Quest for Shambhala series
D. T. Angell
D. T. Angell

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D. T. Angell is currently working on the third book in a series called The Quest for Shambhala. Below you can find details about how the series started, what the first and second books are about and what to look forward to in the future from this author.

Origin of the Series

Some time ago an unusual journal was given to me by an old aquaintance. It was delivered to me unannounced along with a letter in which he did not make it clear how this item had come to be in his possession.


After reading it, I understood its significance. After I read it, I understood that he meant for me to share its contents.


The soon to be published book The Stone of Destiny is the largely unaltered content of that journal.


This website has been designed for the sole purpose of supporting the telling of the incredible story contained in the book and it's succesive parts.


I implore you to read it for yourself.


David Angell.

The Stone of Destiny Part 1

'When the earth seems lost to greed and materialism, terrible battles will engulf the nations of the world. The age of man will reach its climax of bloodshed and the people of Shambhala will rise up to cleanse mankind's corruption'
Ancient Tibetan Prophecy

Tom Keeldan’s story begins at the end. 

Scared and alone, he has but one task left; to pass on the knowledge and discoveries he made before it is too late. Re-lived through Tom's eyes, he tries to re-count the details of his adventures in a journal he hoped would find its way to someone willing to continue on in his place.

This is not a story of an experienced adventurer hunting lost treasure, or of a scientist trying to harness ancient power. This is the story of a man, unremarkable in most ways, swept along in the tide of events larger and more sinister than he ever imagined.

Tom is tasked with trying to track down a worldly traveller known as Archer and find out the implications of his research. Each clue along the way leads on to the next, producing more questions than answers as he follows a breadcrumb trail carefully left by him.

A trail that eventually leads him in search of an ancient legend; an item of power, one of three gifted to mankind that became lost in history. Along the way he discovers a version of history he never knew existed, from a secret within the Tower of Babylon, to the arrival of Christianity in the British Isles and even the true influence behind Hitler's war machine.

He doesn't know its purpose or its power, he knows only of his promise and the need for the Stone of Destiny to be returned home.

The Stone of Destiny Part 2

Tom Keeldan’s story began at the end.  

To succeed he must trust. To survive he must sacrifice.

In the concluding part of his journal, Tom will face his most difficult challenges yet. Finding his way to Germany had been hard, but that was just the beginning. Not in his wildest dreams could he have foreseen what was to come next.

A deadly cult deep in the mountains. A series of riddles left centuries ago. A silent war for power.

From a secret within the Tower of Babylon to the arrival of Christianity in the 
British Isles and even the true influence behind Hitler’s war machine, the first part of his story told of many discoveries made and obstacles overcome. Helped by new friends and pursued by dangerous enemies, Tom was left searching for the next clue on the trail of the lost treasures of Shambhala.

He does not know its purpose, but he will know its power. To fulfil his promise he must find the Stone of Destiny and see it returned home.

Coming Soon

Autobiography or eulogy? It’s a question I’ve asked myself more than once. The journal of Tom Keeldan has told me its story, but what of the man himself? Are his final words to be merely the ravings of a man driven to hallucination by isolation and starvation? It would sadden me greatly to believe it. But I have reason to hope that there is more – a note delivered to me after the publication of the first half of this journal. A criticism, perhaps, of my interpretation, but hope none the less that the story is not over yet.



I greet you today with congratulations in mind. I was heartened to discover that you found use for that journal after all. I had thought to merely inspire you to write the tale though, not for you publish the journal in full! In any case, your part in this is as ever appreciated.

I imagine you are soon to be publishing the second half of the journal in the same manner for which I wish you good fortune. No doubt its ending has raised many questions, though I can tell you now it was not, in fact, the end.

With this first journal you have brought light to the beginning of our quest. I shall now be most excited to see what you do with the others.

Warmest Regards


The Next Chapter - arriving in 2020 (hopefully)

It’s taken too long…far too long. But, after numerous upheavals to my personal life (some good, some not so good), I have finally found the time to finish my work on the next chapter in Tom Keeldan’s story.

The Stone of Solomon – Part One, will, with any luck, be released before the end of this year. It is an exciting tale, I promise you; one I hope you will find well worth the wait.

Until then however…be well, stay safe, and keep an eye out on my social media channels for further updates. 


The Stone of Destiny Part 1 by D. T. Angell is now available on the Kindle Store.


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